Industry Education & Consultation

We love sharing our understanding and mastery of each facet of the diamond and jewelry industries to help you feel comfortable making a fully informed purchase.

Diamond Upgrades & Jewelry Reworking

Diamonds and love only grow over time. One of our most common requests is upgrading engagement ring stones, and we can work with you to enhance your ring to reflect your time together. We also rework heirloom or dated pieces and repurpose them into new bespoke jewelry. 

Family Jewelry Managers

Allow us to be the caretakers of your diamond and jewelry collection adding to and maintaining your treasures so that they can be cherished for generations.

Diamond Re-cutting & Re-polishing

Though diamonds may be the hardest material on Earth they aren’t indestructible. After decades of being worn and loved every day, diamonds may chip, bruise or fracture. Additionally, many heirloom diamonds are poorly cut which leaves them dull and unattractive. We can help you bring your stone back to life with our extensive and skillful re-cutting and re-polishing expertise. 

Custom Fine Jewelry

Whether from our established custom collection, an inspirational source, or a bespoke creation from your imagination, we will bring your ideas to life. 

Rare Diamonds, Colored Stones & Pearls

Whether you’re looking for a 1.00 carat diamond for your engagement or a 10 carat pink diamond to round out your private collection, we can accommodate the full-range of requests. 

Replacement Diamonds & Jewelry

Losing diamonds or jewelry can be a traumatic experience. Let us work with you and your insurance company to ease the process and find or create a replacement of similar or better quality.

Investment Diamonds 

We can help you identify and purchase diamonds that are best positioned to retain or increase in value over time. Like all commodity investments, we cannot guarantee the future of the market, but we can give you unprecedented access to investment quality stones and decades of industry knowledge.